• I lead several teams and organisations during my career. I’m focusing on project development with focus on business. During my career I grew up several teams from zero to hero and handover them to late stage managers.
  • I started as 16 years old with first HW and SW architecture base on open source software. 
  • I built first community network as main technician with over 2000 clients inside in 20 years.
  • Project manager from 23 years in corporate environment (good knowledge of ITIL). 
  • Technology trainer from 25 years (later worked as HP Certified Trainer). 
  • NGO activist as StartupWeekend lead-organizer expansion over country and international facilitator and education leader.

Personal goals
Extend scope with new hardskills and rock(n)roll them, meet new people and have lot of fun in between.

Soft skills
Presentation, training delivery, project and change management, networking, fundraising, negotiation

Hard skills
UNIX/Linux solutions, SAN/storage solutions, backup solutions, HA concepts implementation and support of distributed and heterogenous IT environments, infrastructure automation and consolidation, cloud migrations, python, middleware, databases