Innovative startups presented their solutions to representatives of the City of Prague

Innovative startups presented their solutions to representatives of the City of Prague

Innovative startups presented their solutions to representatives of the City of Prague

An important event took place in Prague on Tuesday 30 May, when several startups incubated at ESA BIC Czech Republic had the opportunity to present their groundbreaking solutions and products to representatives of the City of Prague. The event served as a platform for these innovative companies, including VisionCraft, Maptiler, Uneeqly, FlyinDiamonds, Statotest, Neuron Soundware, Intellmaps, Worldfrom Space and ECOTEN, to demonstrate their unique contributions in various fields. All presenters talked about the actual use of their technologies in different cities to better understand how their solutions could be implemented in Prague.

VisionCraft: Revolutionising the future of sensors and AI

VisionCraft presented the optimal management of parking spaces, control of traffic density and detection of people’s movements. Using sensors and artificial intelligence, it captures movement in real-time, creating useful data sources including satellite imagery, GPS and social media data that can be used immediately to optimize traffic in major cities, for example.

MapTiler: Maps for everyone

MapTiler specializes in providing mapping and geolocation services. They provide tools and solutions for creating, customizing, and hosting maps and geodata. MapTiler’s main product is its cloud-based mapping platform, which allows users to create interactive maps and embed them into websites or mobile applications. In addition to its mapping platform, MapTiler also provides software tools for map design, tile rendering, and conversion of geospatial data into various formats.

Uneqly: Enabling personalized digital experiences

Uneeqly presented its cutting-edge platform that enables the creation of personalized digital experiences. Using advanced algorithms and data analytics, Uneeqly helps companies deliver tailored content, products and services to their customers. The startup’s solution improves customer engagement, loyalty and brand experience.

FlyinDiamonds: Unlocking the potential of light shows

FlyinDiamonds specializes in drone swarming and autonomous flights. The company has developed a drone specifically for light shows, offering a combination of design and technology to support the creative potential for enchanting light shows and a powerful experience. FlyinDiamnods presented their experience and possibilities for environmentally friendly cities, their drone technology is reliable and useful for the complete implementation of light shows.

Statotest: Disrupting testing and measurement practices

Statotest presented its comprehensive monitoring system that continuously monitors the technical safety of buildings over time. The system represents a modern and unique technology that continuously measures and records selected physical quantities that indicate the current condition of building structures.

ECOTEN: Driving sustainable energy solutions

ECOTEN presented its innovative solutions in the field of sustainable energy. The startup focuses on energy optimization, renewable energy integration and smart grid technologies. ECOTEN’s solutions contribute to the transition to a more sustainable and efficient energy ecosystem, reducing carbon emissions and promoting the use of renewable resources.

Neuron Soundware: Advancing Acoustic Diagnostics

Neuron Soundware demonstrated its groundbreaking acoustic diagnostic technology. By analyzing sound patterns, Neuron Soundware’s solutions enable the early detection of faults, anomalies and malfunctions in machinery and industrial equipment. This proactive approach to maintenance helps companies reduce downtime, prevent costly repairs and improve overall operational efficiency.

Intellmaps: The future of digital twins

Geospatial analytics specialist Intellmaps presented its solutions for smart city management. The company provides digital asset management solutions in the form of a unique combination of technology (hardware) and software (SaaS). They create a ‘digital twin’ of a building, which is a combination of large data sets of point clouds, 360° imagery and 2D technical maps. The company provides digital twin solutions for enterprises, municipalities and mining.

World from space: Smart cities and the environment

World from Space, a startup that uses satellite data for environmental monitoring, presented its solutions for environmental protection and risk assessment. Using satellite imagery and data analysis, Worldfrom Space provides insights into air quality, land use, and natural resource management. The implementation of their technology can support Prague in its efforts to maintain a clean and sustainable environment.

Finally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the participating startups for their excellent presentations and thank all the participants for joining us. Finally, we would like to inform you that the full stream of the entire event is available on our YouTube channel. If you were unable to attend every presentation, or if you would like to revisit your favorite moments, please feel free to watch the recordings.