Antennas, personal drones and parcel delivery. Meet this year’s ESA BIC newly incubated startups

Antennas, personal drones and parcel delivery. Meet this year’s ESA BIC newly incubated startups

ESA BIC welcomed newcomers in the incubation of 2023. A total of seven new space startups presented themselves at the ESA BIC Demo Day organised as part of the Czech Space Week.

Dozens of startups apply to ESA BIC every year, but only a few are selected to be supported by the incubator and receive a financial contribution of €50,000, mentoring and other training opportunities. In 2023, a total of seven startups were accepted for incubation and made their first official public presentation during the ESA BIC Demo Day, part of the Space2Business conference. Through this networking, the event also attracted space industry professionals and investors.

Newcomers in Incubation 2023:


Dartsat focuses on antenna hardware and software solutions for the ground segment of satellite communications with satellites in LEO and MEO orbits. It uses advanced structural mechanisms and modern lightweight and space materials that increase the accuracy and reliability of the overall system, but in a more affordable form. The current focus is on communications in the S, X, Ku and K bands. All hardware will be equipped with custom software for a great user experience with advanced features.


Betrian Group is an innovative Czech company specialising in software and hardware development in various fields. As part of its incubation, Betrian focuses on the railway industry, where it is actively involved in digitalisation and modernisation, providing products and services that increase the safety and efficiency of rail transport using cutting-edge technologies. Thanks to its combination of software and hardware development, Betrian is able to offer a wide range of products and services.


Mapotic is a user-friendly cloud platform that empowers organizations globally with innovative map-based products and services. With a focus on simplicity, user engagement and data channels aggregation and interactive content, Mapotic enables businesses to leverage geolocation data without requiring GIS expertise. From ready-made apps to custom branded mobile apps, Mapotic offers comprehensive solutions for visualizing GPS and movement data, creating collaborative or community online maps, and more. During the incubation period, Mapotic aims to enhance the platform with space-related data and services. The company seeks to analyze and assess optimal space utilization for the benefit of its clients and their users. The focus is on integrating downstream services while enhancing connections with existing satellite data providers and infrastructure for seamless sensor data transmission, downstream processing, and visualization.

3L Robotics

3L Robotics is revolutionizing last-mile delivery with its cutting-edge solution. Its flagship product, the Drone Helipad, is a game-changer in the world of parcel delivery. This innovative hardware landing pad boasts an advanced navigation and communication system, serving as the ultimate resource for drone operators. Not only does the helipad ensure the safe landing of drones, it also provides critical information to operators in real time. Moreover, the helipad takes convenience to the next level by seamlessly transporting delivered parcels into buildings, simplifying the logistics process.

X-Ender Space

X-Ender Space is developing a distributed technology indexing system based on blockchain fundamentals and in-space transmission systems. It enables satellite-to-satellite communication, satellite-to-earth transmission, and decoupling secure and private proofs of data from payloads. The system will enable multi-component, machine-to-machine applications. The distributed control system will be the master application for mission control and multi-constellation coordination.


AerialComm is a startup dedicated to research, development and production of innovative materials for antenna design. Their High Gain Class 6 L band Dual Satellie Constellation Antenna aims to offer unrivalled improvements in antenna mass and size. AerialComm is a provider of unmatched versatility in aerial communication, ideal for applications ranging from agile drones to large commercial aircraft.


UDX aims to develop, certify and sell a two-person crew drone. The company is working a product in the rapidly growing personal transport drone segment. Morgan Stanley estimates that the segment will reach $1.4 trillion globally by 2040. UDX has a product for the early customers of this new market and is at a stage where investment will allow them to bring the product to market quickly.