Varistar is the winner of the IBM’s company of the year of the Central Bohemia
Source: IBM company of the year 2021 (Photo: Štěpán Mikuda)

Varistar is the winner of the IBM’s company of the year of the Central Bohemia

Varistar is the IBM’s company of the year of the Central Bohemia!

Congratulation to our incubated startup Varistar.

Space technologies are also gaining ground in traditional sectors such as agriculture. In the Czech Republic, they are used by the technology company Varistar, which, by analyzing data from spectral satellite images and other sources, can prescribe the exact type of care it needs. Farmers can thus replace conventional field fertilization with so-called variable applications, which are more gentle on nature and their wallets.

“Our service seeks to combine the collection, processing and use of data and information technology in agriculture so that our crop clients can significantly increase the efficiency of their business, increase their profits and significantly reduce the environmental burden,” says Jan Semrád, co-founder of the company. on Tuesday, it won the IBM Company of the Year competition in the Central Bohemian round.

The Varistar system uses historical and current data from satellite images, soil analyzes, as well as information on soil quality, field relief or water movement in the soil. Based on this data, it then creates maps in which large fields are divided into smaller sections and each of them accurately determines the optimal dose of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. These maps are then transmitted via the Internet and satellite navigation to the terminal in the tractor itself, which then performs automatic dosing in the given sections.

The challenge for Varistar is to push for new technologies in a relatively rigid sector such as agriculture. Its system therefore offers a complete solution in a simple form, complemented by training and telephone technical support.

“Agricultural data is now available for free to virtually anyone. The problem is that farmers do not know how to use them, how to get them into technology and how to use them in the fields, “says Semrád.

“Our service is unique in that we provide everything down to the level of the tractor or sprayer itself. We have our own terminals, we develop our own software. We will process the data, ensure their transfer to technology, train agronomists, train tractor drivers, ”adds the entrepreneur.

At the same time, the company offers a support line for potential problems, where tractor drivers can call at any time and ask for help. “We have statistics that in the last two years we have solved 98 percent of the problems within five minutes. These are mostly human factor problems, not technology, “says Semrád.

Currently a young company, which was established in 2017, provides its system for more than ninety large companies and is currently expanding to Central and Eastern Europe. Its revenues for last year reached nine million crowns and a profit of 207,000 crowns. Today, Varistar employs 13 people in IT, agriculture and other fields, but expects to increase the number to 20 by the end of the year. Varistar’s technology has also attracted the attention of the European Space Agency, which has included the young company in its support program.

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We wish Varistar many successes in their journey!

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