Why apply for incubation at ESA BIC Prague? You’ll be part of a European- wide network, working in an innovative, high-tech entrepreneurial environment. You will also get a wide range of financial, technical and business support. Our aim is to turn innovative business concepts, using space technologies  into successful businesses.

Space technologies applied in the terrestrial environment

Many seemingly ordinary technologies have their origin in the space industry.  For example,  Teflon came into existence on the moon before it landed in our kitchens. Fire proximity suits worn by firefighters are based on thermal sheathing material used on missiles. LEDs were designed for growing plants in space and even the electric drill was invented for use in space. Do you have similar ideas in mind? Then we are looking for you! We are seeking for innovators who can transform space technologies into product for practical use in our daily life on Earth.

What do we offer?
  • Support from our programme, marketing and financial managers
  • Discounted office rental
  • EUR 50,000 in financial support
  • Technological support
Who can apply?
  • Start-ups not older than five years
  • Students
  • Innovators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Spin-off companies
  • Technical support
  • Administrative support
  • Business development strategies
  • Networking and community
  • Knowledge transfer
Provided support
  • EUR 50,000
  • Max. two years of incubation
  • Comprehensive consulting
  • Discounted rent
  • International PR
How to apply?
  • Contact ESA BIC Prague
  • Find out the incubation terms and conditions
  • Formulate a business plan
  • Wait for the Open Call
  • Fill out all the documents and apply

Are you interested in our program, but you need more information?

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Download all the necessary documents for your application


Next deadline:
Prague – 28. February 2021, 23:59 CEST
Brno – 2021

Submit your application including all the documents to:

We’re waiting for you

If you have any questions regarding incubation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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